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i in i-Learn stands for ”I” meaning ”I” take ownership of my own learning and development. The i-Learn learning community aims at encouraging a culture of learning and self development for East Africans. We believe in the power of learning in changing individual behaviors and organizations. We believe in the power of moving together as a community and as learning nations to improve the quality of our lives.

i-Learn provides the platform to smartly obtain the knowledge and skills you need to get yourself and organization to another level through the free online courses, premium online courses and face to face transformational training programs. To Live is to Learn and To Learn is to Live even better J.K Nyerere

Learn with much flexibility

Learn with much flexibility



Introduction to Multimedia

Power of multimedia in learning


online,blended and face to face corses

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Transformational courses

About i-Learn

We are providers of free and premium online courses, Transformational Training and Personal Development Programs, Educational Technologies consultants and Events coordinators. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver learner centric, activity based, powerful learning experiences.

Why Us?

  • We listen to design solutions that will reduce costs, increase efficiency, productivity, performance and value on your business.
  • Our technical ability and expertise on content development and design, making use of technology to enhance overall learner experience and transformation.
  • Local presence, hands on experience on learning and development, training, instructional design, adult learning, educational technologies, technical ability and a strong team to deliver timely solutions.

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